Clinton Library--Bridge to the 21st Century

Anonymous Patron sends "this Newsweek article that focuses on the architectural aspects of the Clinton Presidential Library which is set to open November 18, 2004. Clinton chose "James Polshek "a much-respected 'architect's architect,' whose clean-edged modernist designs reveal a deeply humanist touch."

Were his obsessions worth it? Absolutely. Like Clinton himself, the library is larger than life: bold and dramatic. Yet, as he wanted, it's also people-friendly and light. It campaigns hard for your vote of "Wow!"



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I dunno about you

but to me it looks more like a trailer, c. 1970, on stilts more than a bridge. "Trailer to the 21st Century" just doesn't have the same ring.

Re:I dunno about you

[biting my tongue]

According to the article...

Local residents call the new museum: "the world's biggest double-wide."

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