With Friends Like These We Keep Our Doors Open

Anonymous Patron writes "In NJ it's a Cook Book, in AR they're throwing a Picnic, an auction in PA, and in CT they're selling books, Entertainment Books.With Friends like these keeping many libraries in the black thanks to leaner budgets I feel our Friends groups is more important than ever.

I'm wondering what your friends groups are doing to raise funds in creative and original ways. We've all seen the used book sale, what else can they do to raise a few bucks this year?"


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sell cool cards?

Have your friends group check this out:
cards...I'd be happy to send a sample to any top library administrator or FOL officer. Have them e-mail lis@inmybook.com (one per library system please).


Start a library foundation, and organize a planned giving campaign within it.
Market the giving opportunities not just to individuals, but to local businesses, large and small as well.
The Library Foundation and the Friends group should have a strong connection between them.
Lobby the local/state government.
(As a 501(C)(3), the Friends have some restrictions on the kinds of political action they can engage in, but they are not very burdensome.)
Write grant proposals to tap into the resources of bigger foundations.

(OB disclaimer: I am NOT Peter Pearson.)

Re:Think BIGGER!

Porch Geese--Awesome and concise! You make it sound so easy. The only other things needed are an activist do-something board and library leadership and guidance. Libraries with both are really lucky.

Re:sell cool cards?

Fantastic idea! I mailed you directly the library addy.

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