The Librarian on TNT: Next Sunday

Preview from the San Jose Mercury News (registration required):
• ``The Librarian: Quest for the Spear'' (8 p.m. Sunday, TNT) clearly is meant to be a send-up of the adventure film genre. But it's not nearly clever enough or produced with enough camp to avoid coming off as a second-rate ``Romancing the Stone'' or a third-rate (maybe even fourth-rate) version of an Indiana Jones film.

Still, this tale of a nerd who finds himself responsible for the protection of the world's legendary artifacts has one thing going for it: the chemistry and charm of its star, Noah Wyle, who plays librarian Flynn Carsen.


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librarian adventurer - tomeraider?

I'd read about this in the NY Times, I believe...had meant to take a look to see if it was truly as bad as it seemed it would be, but it completely slipped my mind!

Did anyone see it - even for a few minutes? I'd love to hear that it wasn't too terrible and that it might inspire millions...

Re:librarian adventurer - tomeraider?

it's NEXT Sunday -- December 5 at 8 pm. You'll still get a chance to see how bad/good it is...

Re:librarian adventurer - tomeraider?

Oh....goodie, perhaps you can remind me since it appears I can't read or remember. ;-)

Re:librarian adventurer - tomeraider?

oh boy, I'll do my best, but ...what is it I'm supposed to remember?

From Doctor to Librarian

I can't wait to see this flick - B-rated or less - just because Noah Wylie (sp?) has gone from "ER extraordinaire" to a librarian! I'm not knocking the profession by any means. It's just a little odd...but maybe not so much now that I think about it...afterall, there were several lawyers in my MS courses who were career-shifters. It just seems a little analogous to what...

"Captain Kirk driving a cop know...he used to command a starship!" (quoted or slightly mis-quoted from Kevin Pollack)

Re:librarian adventurer - tomeraider?

-I wonder if we will see anything resembling real librarianship in this film, or the fact the guy is a librarian is merely a plot device. The way the advertisments look to me, the guy could of been a history professor or an old renaissance fair actor.
-It would be interesting if the hero turned out to be a person that is not the stereotypical librarian (will he say "shush" repeatedly throughout the film????).

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