Outsider Reviews of "The Librarian"

I avoided any reviews or previews of "The Librarian: Quest of the Spear," before I watched the movie and wrote it up. Here is what others have said about it:

An overall "pretty good" from SciFi.com.
Maxim hated it.
San Francisco Chronicle calls it "anemic."Noah Wyle puts it in the "win" column for FilmMonthly.com, who smells a sequel.
Reuters is lukewarm.
Rick Kushman at the Sacramento Bee calls it "dopey" but "in a good way."


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Well, if Maxim hated it...

Then how bad could it really be?

Re:Well, if Maxim hated it...

It really wasn't bad, in fact, I do not normally like Science Fiction, but I truly enjoyed the movie. Linda

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