The First Annual TMN Tournament of Books, sponsored by

Blake writes "The Morning News Tournament Of Books: Too often are literary awards arbitrary, dull, or meaningless. Too rarely are they determined by an NCAA-style Battle Royale of bloodthirsty competition. It’s time for a change.The Morning News thought it would be exciting, and also fun to take 16 of the most celebrated books of the year and pit them against one another in an NCAA-style Battle Royale of literary excellence to see which novel became The First Annual TMN Tournament of Books Champion?"


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Book Tournament of Champions?

So I guess we will finally learn the question of the age of "who would win in a fight between Boo Radley and Ishmael?"

Sure, Ishmael's got the strength--being a sailor and all--but Boo's got the eye of the tiger. As a wise man one said, "Never count out a crazy white man with a knife."

Radley, in three rounds.

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