World's youngest library card holder at 50 minutes old!

JET sent over One From The BEEB on little Maisie Nichols, of Garston, Merseyside, who was registered for her library card at Lee Valley Library by her grandmother. She is believed to be among the world's youngest bookworms after she was registered at a library when she was just 50 minutes old. I'll try to have my first born signed up in 30 minutes!


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what happened to...

being able to sign your own name? That was a very proud moment for both my kids. Those first library cards (with their first signature) are in their baby books for posterity. I kind of like that concept. But maybe I'm old-fashioned.

Birth Announcements

A librarian friend of mine once sent out her child's birth announcements on old Gaylord Library Card Catalogs cards, announcing a new "Added Entry". Cute.
Needless to say, she was a cataloger.

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