Dust Jacket for New Harry Potter Revealed

Have a gander at the cover for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, due out in July.


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Hot Damn!

Of course its the back cover that has all the goodies but...

Re:Hot Damn!

Shush you! Its *Green*!

More than one cover?

AP Shows a Different Cover and a Another for an adult edition. No, not "Adult", just adult.

Re:More than one cover?

(Damn. I always forget that the browser at work loses the draft whenever I test a link.)

Yes, there are always three covers for Harry Potter books.

- The American publisher has one cover.

- The British-and-everywhere-else-that-gets-an-English-l anguage-edition publisher always has two covers: one for kids and one for adults (so grownups won't be too embarrassed to read the book on the train).

Here are the covers of the British editions of the previous Harry Potter books.

Re:Hot Damn!


Re:More than one cover?

I think the U.S. cover is for the "Adult" edition: Dumbledore's showing Harry his favorite WILFs pornsite. (Insert joke about Harry's wand here.)

Thank god for the commonwealth

The good thing about Canada is that I get the UK covers for Rowling and Pratchett. The American covers just aren't up to the same level.

Of course, there's also the fact that Canadians know what a "Philosopher's Stone" is, but Americans don't. *smirk*

Re:Thank god for the commonwealth

Anybody who knows anything about comics knows what a Philosopher's Stone is.

Re:More than one cover?

Apparently, there is demand for more "adult" Harry Potter material, as I regularly get hits on my blog for things like "hermione granger xxx" or "snape hermione hot romance." I think Rowling is missing a great, untapped market.

Re:Thank god for the commonwealth

Then, obviously, not enough Americans read comics, cus they had to change The Philosopher's Stone to The Sorcerer's Stone.


Re:Thank god for the commonwealth

Its not like they asked my permission before they did it ;)

Re:More than one cover?

I think Rowling is missing a great, untapped market.

I don't have a problem with this. While I am a huge Alan Rickman fan, I am at a loss to understand this whole Snape-worship thing. Is this related to the strange Tim Curry-worship thing as well? Anybody care to explain this to this poor unschooled library chap?


Re:More than one cover?

Oh, no, no no! Not at all like the Tim Curry worship thing. (Is there post-Rocky Horror Curry worship? I got past that when I was 19).

I think you are of the age, Mudge, that you would remember Dark Shadows and all the swooniness over Barnabas Collins, an unattractive, sallow, but charming and tender vampire. Even though he's not a vampire, there's that same vampire-like appeal with the Snape character (although I have learned that women have been swooning over Rickman long before Snape was a gleam in Rowling's eye). Snape, I think is a bad-boy archetype--dark, forbidding and forbidden. There's also a vulnerability about him. The voice and accent don't hurt, either.

And, there's something just plain hawt about a guy who looks like a middle-aged puffy Trent Reznor. (Um, or maybe that's just me).

Re:More than one cover?

Its posts like this Rochelle, that make me want to suggest you join Chatty Librarians. There's a lot of Rickman-love going on over there. Come on, join. Its fun!

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