kmccook writes "Gizoogle is the illegitimate, thugged-out cousin of Google that translates its search results into Snoop Dogg slang, or izzle-speak, a sort of nuevo pig Latin. Enter "Vice President Dick Cheney" in the search field and it turns up "Vizzy President Dizzle Cheney." Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is "Condoleezza Rizzle." It then supplies the same information on the subjects as Google does -- except it's izzle-filled and obscenity laden.

Here's the site:
Gizoogle. And here's a sample of Gizoogling Blake Carver: Blakes Carva's Hizzle On The Web ... 'Tis eBlake, a collection of all thing Blake in all flavas. It's a place I keep mah shiznit, a place I place mah links, a place ta pratice, n a place ta cizzay hizzy. ... - 3k"


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LISnews - it's a pimp thang

Even better is their summary of LISnews:

"Apropos articles culled frizzay a variety of sources cuz its a pimp thang".


Re:LISnews - it's a pimp thang

That's what I've been telling everybody the past two years. Blake--work this into the mission statement.

Re:LISnews - it's a pimp thang

Right, I totally think it should be the new motto and appear on every page! ;-)

Re:LISnews - it's a pimp thang

Fo Shizzle in the LIS hood!

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