The growing popularity of Asian authors: books that are going to film or tv

Anonymous Patron writes "Here's A Good List of a growing number of books by Asian writers being turned into films or TV series. AiM has been gathering information on other similar projects for an extended period of time, and here they list some of them. "


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Fixing a hole where the rain gets in

Thank you anonymous patron--you've just filled a serious hole in my to-be-read list. I doubt I'll see many of the movies or TV. But some of the books look yummy. BTW, has anyone noticed the similarity between the "author" pens icon and chopsticks? Weirded me out a little. And now I'm getting that horrible song in my head! Noooooo! Oh, Lennon, thank god. But don't stop my mind from wandering, please. I should eat breakfast already.

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