About the Librarian's Book Club

The Librarian's Book Club is a group to read and discuss books that
are about libraries and the library profession. Every two months the
Librarian's Book Club will select a new book to discuss. All you need
to do is get yourself a copy of the current book. Discussion of the
book will take place on LISNEWS in the Book Club section. (Note:
Although this book club discussion group is focused towards
librarians, we welcome members that are not librarians.)

A note on book selection:
Anyone that is a member of lisnews can vote on what book will be read.
If you do not plan on reading the book or participating in the
discussion please consider refraining from voting. "


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Link for Librarians' Book Club

The parent news item seemed to be missing the link to the Librarians' Book Club, so here it is: http://culaw2.creighton.edu/library/lbc/

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