From CIA to the Circ Desk

Anonymous Patron writes: From the Tufts University E-News:

What many patrons don’t know is that the Fletcher School graduate was also part of the espionage boom of the 1960s, serving a stint in the CIA, where she spied on the United Nations, prepared presidential intelligence briefings and learned how to rig a toilet with explosives."Here I am, a little librarian, but I know how to get rid of someone while they go to the bathroom," Moran recalled to the Bangor Daily News

Now there's a skill they should teach in library school.


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CE course and Keynote

Okay...let's have her teach CE courses at SLA, ALA, PLA, ASIS, etc. etc. and invite her to keynote a least one of these.Let's have an action figure, book and movie series please...The ability to rig a crapper is definitely a skill I want to ad to MY resume :o)Let's ad this to SLA's Competencies for 21st Century Librarians list!!!

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