Make It Count: Library lends an ear with downloadable audio books

Anonymous Patron writes "The One From The Seattle Times: on the King County Library System's new audio-book feature, which allows patrons to download an audio book online, without even visiting the library. The system isn't compatible with Apple products. The audio-book files are stored in the Windows Media Audio (WMA) format, not compatible with a Mac or iPod. You'll need a PC with a newer version of the Windows operating system."


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My local library...

is going to the Overdrive system. Users will be able to check out audio books for 7 days (as of this writing that may change) and listen to them with Windows media player. Users can even burn them to audio CDs to use in the car or in a CD player.

We will have 3000 titles... so I am told. Our consortium is picking the titles.

Re:My local library...

According to the local paper, the North Little Rock (Ark) Public Library is also using OverDrive Media and paid $10,000 for the software and book downloads. Only 199 are available right now, but plan for more in the next budget cycle.

throwing away money?

Isn't it a bad investment to go with a product that isn't iPod compatible considering iPod has a huge share of the market?

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