Library May be Named for Activist Librarian

The Montgomery Advertiser has this story about commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of the Montgomery Bus Boycotts by naming a library after former city librarian Juliette Morgan.

Morgan was a white librarian whose public support for the black citizens who challenged the city's segregated bus system caused her to be the target of ridicule and abuse from many white citizens. Those attacks, including threats to boycott the library she loved, eventually led her to commit suicide.


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Juliette Morgan in Alabama Heritage

There is a photo and more about her in Alabama Heritage.

"In the 1930s she began a one-woman campaign to end the segregation and racism that had for so long dominated the southern way of life. She wrote fiery letters to newspapers around the state, joined political groups, and publicly protested the discrimination she witnessed on a daily basis. Her passionate beliefs caused her to become estranged from friends, colleagues, neighbors, and even her own mother. But those who understood her cause encouraged her to brave the losses, which she did up until the end of her short but exemplary life."

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