Enter Baby Carver

Have a look at our newest LISNewster, baby Kelly.


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Belated Congratulations!

(and if you find the secret of catching up on sleep, let me know :))

Welcome Kelly!


A new little library user. What's her first book? Thanks for posting.


What's her user name? Will she be able to meta-moderate soon? :)

Beautiful baby!

Thanks for posting the good news and great pictures!Does she have her library card yet?http://www.lisnews.com/article.pl?sid=05/03/03/155 7245&mode=thread&tid=76



Ready 2 Help?

What's that sound? It's 1000 copies of Caring for Your Baby and Young Child: Birth to Age 5 from the American Academy of Pediatricians being pulled from the shelf and opened!Plus anyone here who has progeny is ready to respond!A birth among librarians good heavens there'll be no shortage of advice...or books to recommend!Ask a question, ANY question...the librarian community has the answer.That's either scary or impressive depending on your perspective.Well now...I wondered how Blake got any ZZZs before with the job, LisNews, LisHost and being a sought after speaker and celeb!Forget sleep completely now, unless relatives can lend a hand!

Re:Ready 2 Help?

I'm sure we'll all do what we can to help Blake keep Kelly off the pole.


Babies are so miraculous, especially your own. Congratulations Carvers.


On your beautiful baby and on everything going well! Best to you and your family!


Don't worry about advice from me. Mine are so grown up I've forgotten everything I might have learned.

Heck, they're both older than I was when the first was born. Thankfully!


Whoo Hoo!

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Well done, Carvers :) Health and happiness (and sleep!) to you all.


Congratulations on your first edition!

Thanks Everyone

Mamma and baby are doing just fine. I'm blissfully unaware of anything happening outside of the hospital room still, still trying to catch up on sleep. We'll be home tomorrow, and hopefully I'll get all caught up this weekend.Many thanks!

Re:Thanks Everyone

Now is the time to delegate, delegate, delegate.Seriously...some stuff will have to be givento others, to maintain your health and happiness.



My belated congratulations!


Re:Thanks Everyone

So great to see the great pics and great news! Congrats!

Oh Baby!



So happy for you! I'm sure your little bundle of joy would be having her own blog even before she goes to school :)

Re:Thanks Everyone

Blake, plan on getting "caught up" with your sleep in about a year or two...

Re:Thanks Everyone

A year or two? Birdie, don't give the man false hopes!

Babe Kelly Kriszta

Hi Blake,
congrats and loads of happiness to your kid. I wonder if she has some Hungarian extraction - because her middle name is pure Hungarian.
Zsolt Banhegyi

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