What's Wrong With Libraries?

Anonymous Patron writes "What's Wrong With Libraries? A reaction to comments from Chris Travers, CEO of Find.com; lamenting the passing of literacy"


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I'll tell you what's wrong with my library

I never know how to dress. Will the AC be cranked up? Or will it be a nightmare day for a pre-menopausal woman? A sweater? Short sleeves? I've learned alot about layering.

This is in lieu of telling you what's really wrong with my library, in the interest of keeping my job.

Very thoughtful article, though.

Re:I'll tell you what's wrong with my library

I'll say! There's a reason librarians look so dowdy: we have to throw cardigans over our cute outfits just to keep warm.I have a great solution to the library budget crisis: turn down the AC!

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