Who Needs Catalogers When You Have LibraryThing?

Kelly writes "Do book book cataloging using Flickr-style tagging and with access to LC's catalog (still in beta) Cost? (so far): $10.00 for lifetime membership to librarything.com

Testimonials (which seem rather enthusiastic)."


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I like it

I've been using it for a couple weeks.

It in no way replaces catalogers since it is using LC data!!! It is a fun way of tracking your personal library though.

Mark those MARC comments

You must read the comments of the LibraryThing blog on everyone's favorite library standard: "Oh, and I need a shoulder to cry on: Marc21 is blithering nonsense!"

I feel the urge to offer the poor dear a cup of tea and sympathy. To think that a non-librarian/library worker (that so special class of folk) was the one who thought to exploit Z39.50 to its best use that I have heard so far.

OK, gimme some other examples that have made the news!

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