Want to Look at the Internet? Your Passport, Please

Anonymous Patron writes "Italy recently passed a law that requires operators of Internet cafes to record and photocopy IDs and passports of anyone who logs on the net in an Internet Cafe. Can such a law be far behind in the US, and applied to libraries, in another future itertion of the Patriot Act? Read this USA Today story here:

Want to check your e-mail in Italy? Bring your passport


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Not quite as shocking as it first appears

This doesn't seem that much different from a library requiring that patrons present their library card in order to use a computer. That card is certainly linked to just as much personal data as a government-issued I.D.

Do libraries keep those records? I know some systems limit patrons to a certain number of timed sessions in a specific period of time, so there would have to be at least a semi-permanent record of who used a computer when.

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