The New LISNews

I am about 80% sure is running at this point. This is a good thing, because I really needed this done before Wednesday. But it's bad because I'm not sure I'll be able to move ANYTHING from the old server to this one from this point forward.In other words, anything you do there ( might not make it here to the new server.

So you might want to not post to your journal, and not post any stories, and not leave any comments you want to see again (on the old site).

Please do post, comment and poke around here, and let me know when you spot problems.

I'll write more later on Moday as time allows.


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just trying to figure this thing out


There are style sheet issues I'm seeing alread. Must change colors as well and change the site icon image.


I don't know, I'm kinda liking the red and grey colors.


I agree! As I said in my journal, I like blue & orange, just not together. The red/burgundy with the grey is quite nice.

Um, one thing I noticed in the navigation box on the top left hand side? There's no link to LISNews home, as there was in the old version. I found that link quite helpful.

Looks great, Blake and thanks for all your hard work!!


never mind the link comment

I found out that clicking on that big S/slashcode icon takes me where I want. *sigh* Must learn to play with ALL the features before I say anything. Although I thought it would take me to slashcode...

s/ (easily confused)


Poke poke poke...ditto on the colors. Overall, seems much less busy!

The colors!

Old one didn't bother me, this one doesn't bother me - and I might even like it better, still thinking on it.-- Ender, Duke_of_URL

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