Alternative Audiobook Being Marketed

Brian G. writes "The Cleveland Plain Dealer has been running a series of articles about a new audiobook format, called Playaway. This new format is a self-contained audiobook about the size of a cassette tape. It is battery-driven and offers the ability to control the speed of the narration and place a bookmark. Currently, the prices range from the $30-55, with the next version (already being designed) expected to fall between $20-30. Alternatively, this format may be offered to companies that want to give customers a preprogrammed selection of music, stories, or product information (such as car dealers). So far, the sales have been slow in bookstores but higher sales have been experienced in airports. Vending machine sales are being considered as well."


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this is fascinating -- I just emailed them to see if they were going to make these available to public libraries. See

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