Yup, it's November 23rd again

Something happened (it's a long story) to one of the drives on the LISNews server, the most recent backup that survived was from November 23rd. Yes, I'm having a bad day.


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For having a backup tape. We all have computer failures. - Daniel

I'm young again!

You've given me back my youth! :)

Seriously,Blake, I know you're probably wondering right now, will this really all be worth it? Rest in the knowledge, that I, for one, appreciate all you do.

Re:I'm young again!

Seeing how November 23 is my birthday, I really am young(er) again!And since it is again Thanksgiving Eve, I would like to echo Shoe's appreciation for Blake's work. Thanks Dude!


Ah yes...the new words we learn and even inventwhen technology gives us a big slam to our senseof comfort, power, and perhaps a little hubris.Somewhere there must be dissertations on thislittle hammering by the computer gods...Maybe even some humorous ones...if such episodesever loose their pain...which THEY DON'T!I prescribe a few dozen viewings of Wallace andGromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit...A good cure for any head or heart ache...

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