Getting To Done: Communication - A guide to email

Anonymous Patron writes "Ever wonder what causes that sinking feeling of dread just before you open your e-mail client? Is it the hundreds of new messages that will mock you in all their need-a-response-asap, unread glory?

Here's A Great Lifehacker column that won't make you a perfect e-mail responder, but they will make you good."


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As an owner of a work Inbox with 800 emails in it (down from 950 this morning - I spent some time cleaning up) - I know the pain.1) Setup separate at least one email account so all the non-essential but nice to have can go there - eg gmail becuase it will process and tag stuff for you. When you sign up or at a site that sends non-important stuff have it sent there so your main email doesn't get clagged by distracting stuff.

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