Michael Gorman alienates and divides our profession

It may be obvious to most LISNewsterz, but Sarah Houghton says Michael Gorman alienates and divides our profession: "Gorman words in our national association's publication are elitist, exclusionary, and condescending to so very many in our profession. He shames us. He shames the profession."


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grow up

The profession I would say is already alienated and divided in the ways mentioned and then some. Some of the people complaining are perfectly capable of putting a little acid in their own comments and have done so in the past. Until I hear some decent rebuttals to his points instead of the cries of 'unfair' I'd say Gorman has the upperhand.

side note: there's some debate about the 'pseudo librarian' and what he meant. I think it has less to do with education and more to do with job description.

Library Profession = ?

And how does one define "library profession"?

My guess:

My guess on "pseudo-librarian", is that it is a reference to anyone stupid enough to cop a 26 year sentence for lending a book from his non-Castro controlled collection.

Re:grow up


Re:grow up

"Until I hear some decent rebuttals to his points"Insults are not "points," and cannot be rebutted. Have you even taken the trouble to read the linked article?

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