Curious about Cat Holidays? Here's a Complete List from a Ref. Librarian

A flickr friend Susan (Tiger's Lair) is a librarian at Ormond Beach (FL)Library; she's a cat lover and has several great cat groups on Flickr. Here's her comprehensive report on cat holidays through the year, starting of course with January 2-

Happy Mew Year for Cats Day. A few other cat holiday highlights are:

February is Pet Dental Health Month

April is National Pet First Aid Awareness Month and
Prevention of Animal Cruelty Month

and as I believe was pointed out on these pages last spring...

April 28 is
Hairball Awareness Day

Check out the link above for the whole cat-calendar year...

Source: Primarily "Chase's Calendar of Events" and a few miscellaneous other sources. Susan adds, "Please note that some might vary slightly from year to year--I was looking at a 2006 edition of Chase's. Monday, October 16 is National Feral Cat Day, the next cat holiday to observe!"


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I love cats

April 28 is Hairball Awareness Day .

In a house of four cats (two are mine, two are sis')almost every day is hairball awareness day. ;)


Nothing but holidays

Jeeze...every day is a holiday for my cats. A little nosh. A little head scratch. A three-hour nap. Twenty minutes racing up and down the stairs. Knocking over the (full) watering can. Waking me up at 3:30 a.m. just so I can walk down the stairs and watch them eat. Fiesta time all the time, I tell ya.

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