Librarians Picket Filming of Mini-Series

Sheilah writes "Santa Fe librarians decided to protest when the mini-series "The Lost Room" (premiering in December) used an actress to portray a librarian "probably 80 years old, gray-haired and frail". The show was filming in the area when the librarians showed up in Tshirts that said "Santa Fe Public Library ... Not Your Stereotypical Librarians". From UPI.


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They do exist, you know...

... 80-year old gray-haired librarians, that is. I think it's cool when people want to and are able to keep working long into their golden years.

Re:They do exist, you know...

Yes, they do exist. Just last week I heard one of the 80 year-old librarians demand paid training for this new "internet" thing the system had brought into her library.
Even though you might be physically able to work, there are times when you SHOULD retire.

Re:They do exist, you know...

Yeah, you're right about that. It just depends on the person and what their particular job is.



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