"In My Book" Cards: Great Librarian Gift Ideas

Next to a BOOK, what's the best present to give a book-loving friend? (or to keep for yourself?)
Why the elegant, long-line cards available at In My Book.

Add one to the gift of a book, put in a gift certificate to your local bookstore, or if you're feeling generous, throw in a wad of cash!
(LISNews author "birdie" is actually Robin K. Blum, who runs In My Book when she's not busy posting stories here. Support her hard work @LISNews by buying some cards!)


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Next to a book

Well, right after buying them a book, be sure to get them the new expansion for World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. It doesn't come out until January, so be sure to send me a Christmas card saying that it is on its way. Interested LISNewsers can email me for my address.

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