XXX section to open in CUNY Newman Library

News From Baruch CUNY: For three years several departments in the Weissman School of Liberal Arts have twisted the nipples of the Newman Library for the instillation of an erotic literature and film section. Once a department from the Zicklin School of Business joined the fight, the Newman Library could no longer disregard the need for a sexually explicit media section.
The section will open on the south-west quadrant of the fourth floor, converting a large study room into a secluded, dimly lit filth-pot. Since some freshmen below the age of 18 enter the college, a second form of identification will be checked near the beaded entrance by a bulky bald man named Ivan.


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Good for them. I'm just sorry that it took the business department to get the ball rolling. It's just going to reinforce the concept that sex is primarily an economic commodity.

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