Katie Couric Loves Her Library

Anonymous Patron writes "Katie gives us a page from her 'notebook', reminding us that libraries have books."


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Two or three of them that Katie has actually read.Ok, that was unfair. It's good publicity. And very kind of her. I just wanted to make a cheap joke at her expense.

School libraries

It is nice of her to say that libraries offer more than just a place to hang out and access the Internet. Our school library stays busy because 1) we do not have a book store near by and 2) our public library is not that great! The reason book sales have jumped? Remakes of book-based movies. Harry Potter, Charlotte's Web, Bridge to Terabithia, and even The Series of Unfortunate Events and Eragon (which were awful). When the movies come out, my students flock to the library for the original book versions. I do not mind, I just remind them that the book versions are better! ;)

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