Buy Your Books By The Book

Interesting musings of a Fayetteville, AR blogger Jonah Tebbets, The Iconoclast, on the subject of the public library selling books through the internet. He also touches on independent new & used bookstores selling books, buying books on-line on your own, collecting taxes at brick & mortar stores and not collecting taxes on the internet...and so on.

What think you all? Do you care where you get your books or book-related stuff? Is your primary goal to get the best price? Or something else? Or is it all (or some) a huge waste of big old trees?????? Log in, identify yourself and post your comments below.


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Independent stores all the way

I'm fortunate that I can walk to an independent store to buy the few books I need to own. Maybe if I bought many, I would be tempted to the Dark Side of the Big Box stores, because the amount of money I would save is substantial, but as it is, I pay my extra money and feel a small glow of self rightousness as I do so!

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