Bookstores Begin Slow Descent Into Obsolescence

Anonymous Patron writes "Scott Karp realized today that the bookstore has begun its slow decent into obsolescence, just like every analogue media institution. The bookstore has been replaced by the Web as the place of wonder, and there's no turning back."


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hell is other bloggers

Is anyone else tired of reading this same editorial over and over again since 2002? And with the same unearned sense of self-satisfaction, like a 14 year old who just discovered smoking.

Re:hell is other bloggers


Better selection, prices, the wonderful option of shopping from your own living room. Home delivery like your morning newspaper per Amazon, B&N, .... Still our resident malcontent Birdie sees only corporate avarice. Ho hum.

Re:hell is other bloggers

I'll third that! I now live in a very small town and because of Amazon,, et al I can find just about any book my heart desires. Sure I don't have the aid of some snotty bookstore flunky; however, I think I can survive.

posting this anonymously...

but has anyone else noticed how the town bookstores have become like a pick up joint at certain times? They have their cafe and their cruisers. Even "I" (...gasp...) have been hit on in there.

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