Library of Congress Chewed Out by Congress

How much must this be compared to Wal-Mart in terms of inventory tracking.

But yes, according to this piece from the Washington Post, "corporations such as United Parcel Service and Wal-Mart know how to keep track of their packages and merchandise" {better than the LoC}, a weary but sympathetic congressional panel, headed by Rep. Vernon Ehlers (R-Mich.) told officials of the Library of Congress yesterday.

Not wishing to be compared to a mega-store, Librarian of Congress James Billington responded, appropriately, "We are a working library, not a storehouse. It requires a different approach".

Update: 10/26 12:35 GMT by B : A reader's observations on the L0C situation entitled "Black Hole at the Library of Congress" from a Michael Lieberman's blog at the Seattle Post Intelligencer.


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not the same thing

Wal-Mart is better funded.Still I read that 17% can't be found? Damn, they do not seem to have a tight game over there at LC.

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