Librarian Wannabe

First entry...hmm...well I'm currently emloyed as an IT drone for a large insurance company, but I've decided to change careers, for a variety of reasons I'll explain later. My current plan is to become an academic librarian, specifically doing IT stuff at a Library.

I've applied to go to the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I'm currently waiting to see if my applicaton is accepted - wish me luck!


good luck

It is a great school, good luck with your application!

U of I--good choice

Couldn't have picked a better school. Good luck and be sure to keep us posted. Tell us what you are currently doing that led you in this direction.

Go Illini!

I just graduated from UIUC and it is an excellent school. Good luck and let us know how it turns out!

good luck!

Best wishes! I also applied to UIUC, and just got my acceptance letter today! Hope it also works out for you.

Re:good luck!

That's sort of depressing actually - no letter here. :(
Did you also apply to the LEEP program?

Re:good luck!

Sorry to hear about your no letter. Maybe one will still roll in. Though I don't know you, it would be fun to go through the program with a fellow LISer.

I did apply to the LEEP program. I live in Alaska and would like to stay here....but honestly, distance education sort of freaks me out. The idea of having "real time" classes makes the scariness of distance seem a bit more traditional. I am trying to decide between LEEP and the program at UNC. I hate making decisions particularly when large sums of money are on the line.

Did you apply any where else? Best wishes to you....I hope a program you like works out for you.

Re:good luck!

Well good news - I was admitted! Phew!

Re:good luck!

Yeah! Congratulations! Have you decide to attend? LEEP, right? I signed up for the first summer session. When are you attending?

Re:good luck!

Thanks! LEEP, but I haven't found out which session - I'm going to ask for first.

Re:good luck!

I found out yesterday the first session is full, so I'm in the second one.

Re:good luck!

bummer we aren't going to be in the same session. perhaps we will run into each other in a class or something.

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