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If you just love "Internet memes," or even if you don't, you may find this list interesting (or annoying, I suppose)--200 things you might have done in your life.
I found it here but didn't manage to find the original, unbolded version. It's an odd list, but an interesting one.

My response? I could bold 55 of the 200 (a boring life, I suppose), with two more questionable. Which ones? Other than being on a cruise ship and touching a glacier (well, and being truly happy at least once, getting married, falling in love and not being heartbroken...), I'm not saying. Nothing terribly exotic or suggestive of being addiction-prone, to be sure.

And looking at the dates of postings on this "weblog lite," I'm reminded once more of why I don't have a weblog. Not enough to say that works well in this form...


I did

indeed find it interesting. Thanks.

Re:I did

I'm only slightly less boring than Walt, since I was able to bold 58 or so, many of which I'll keep under my hat. Could have boosted my score if I'd every traveled off the continent.

Re:I did

That was one of the two question marks: I'm not sure whether I've been in more nations or more states. It's a close call. (May depend in part on the definition of some territories!)


47 - I need to get out more ;)

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