Not going to Canada and other stuff...

1. I wound up e-mailing my formal decline as to the job I was offered in Canada. Why? I would come out way behind financially. I had trouble trying to make it all work out right and that is after racking my brain to figure out how to pull such off. I am not happy I had to do that. I wanted the job...I just couldn't afford it...2. Ashtabula County government is looking to up our sales tax by .5%. I was at the hearing Tuesday night on the matter. Most of my former media colleagues from the papers here in-county all had looks of shock that I was at the hearing and going to speak. Most of them thought I was still engaged in ministry sorts of work far far away. Sadly none of them understood the radical reform idea I floated at the hearing although one of my county's three commissioners came up to me afterwards and said she would support me making a "county home rule" reform attempt.3. I still have to finish touching up my sermon and my whole service outline for January 30th. The text I am preaching from is Acts 17:16-34. I merely note that the Areopagus discussed in the passage was considered a "marketplace of ideas" when Paul walked the earth. Now, bringing such to today, can all of us LIS folks name at least a couple "marketplaces of ideas"? :-) I intend to have fun with my sermon.4. Next job that opens up in Hawaii that I am qualified to go after I am going to have to pursue ruthlessly. I am getting tired of being in the same snow zone as Blake that stretches from Buffalo along the Lake Erie shoreline down past me here in Ashtabula!


You're A Light Weight!

So big deal, you have little ol' Lake Erie down there, we have 2 lakes up here! If Erie doesn't get us, Ontario will. Seems like no matter which way the wind blows this week we get lake snows, I get it from one lake at work, and the other when I get home.Let me know when you spot that Hawaii job, you'll have some competition!

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