J. K. Rowling Plays Down & Dirty With "Harry"

J. K. Rowling's really getting down to business now; she's even trademarked the names "Harry" and "Potter":

From Shelf-Awareness (scroll down): "Lawyers for J.K. Rowling have indicated in public filings that the author of the Harry Potter series has directed them to use their "full powers" to protect the reading experience of fans of her iconic work.

To that end, legal staff are continuing the suit against RDR Books over the Harry Potter Lexicon and will remain vigilant in opposing in court any other similar infringement on Rowling's intellectual property.

More strikingly, in an additional new move, the lawyers have copyrighted and trademarked the words "Harry" and "Potter" and will protect those brands. In a statement, the author said, "Muggles everywhere should be happy that I have been so restrained. Some thought I should protect every word I wrote in the seven Harry Potter volumes." Check out all of today's reportage from Shelf-Awareness, and have a good one.


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What about the Royals?

So, does that mean we should expect to be hearing about a name change out of Buckingham Palace..."The Prince Formerly Known As Harry", along with a copyrighted unpronounceable symbol?

ah, the first of the day

maybe you missed the last paragraph of the story...

What about the children?

I think she's off her rocker! What about the children. I have a 3 year old cousin named Harry and guess what ... his last name is Potter. I don't know what she's been smoking, but I think she should stop.

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