Rowling Addresses Harvard

Want to hear J. K. Rowling tell about the value of failure?

Harvard Magazine has a video of her speech given at the annual meeting of the alumni association. Rowling admits to being a nervous wreck about speaking at Harvard.


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the speech

"Thank Harvard Alumni Club. Webster's Dictionary defines 'over-exposed' as 'pertaining to a person whose constant, uninvited presence in the public sphere has become irritating.' "

Rowling wasn't invited to speak at Hahvurd?

The key word in that definition appears to be uninvited. Into which milieus has Ms. Rowling been constantly thrusting herself uninvited? And just how does one manage to wrangle getting away with just showing up at such a stuffed-shirt function to address it without an invitation?

In point of fact, I'm under the impression that she is a person who treasures her privacy. On the other hand, the whorish corporate press, which will sluttishly do anything to make a buck, will constantly and without invitation intrude on the private lives of celebrities and will gleefully engage in over-exposing them.

There is nothing that cannot be found offensive by someone, somewhere.


Mommy-worship aside, I meant that I, as someone who spends lots of time in books and libraries, am sick to death of Rowling, Potter, Daniel What-his-nuts and the (wo)man-children that worship same.

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