A month of spam: no help for sex life, but it enlarges the inbox

If you ever wanted concrete proof that the "Don't share my information with other companies" and "Stop emailing me" options on a web site are often useless, it's here. It's impossible to know which companies share data and which don't, but registering with the "do not share my e-mail" option ticked didn't appear to reduce spam in any way. Some of the bloggers reported a drop in the amount of spam they were receiving on a day-to-day basis when they unsubscribed from certain services, but the trend is not particularly strong.


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It is easy to see who whores out your info

I have my own domain name (ten bucks a year or so) and my own mail server (a bit more expensive but you can do it for $75 year) and I use a sites name as the mail address.
For example I use ALA@mydomain.com when I fill out forms with the ALA.

In case you were wondering the ALA has whored out my information even though I had checked the don't be a pimp on their website. Apparently it resets your preferences each one renews. I don't renew anymore and I have blocked email to that address (another bonus of this system) .

Others that have whored out my information include OAG.com, ACLU.org, and RNC.org.

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