The Professor Versus Wikipedia

Professor Timothy Messer-Kruse has devoted the last ten years of his life to one topic -- the 1886 Haymarket Riot. But when Messer-Kruse tried to correct a wrong fact about the event, he ran afoul of Wikipedia's thorny editing culture. Brooke talks to Messer-Kruse about his editing travails, and Phoebe Ayers, Wikimedia Foundation member, about Messer-Kruse's experience from Wikipedia's side.

The second half of the "On the Media" piece is an interview with librarian Phoebe Ayers. Ayers is co-author of the book - How Wikipedia Works. The full text of the book is available free here.

The Professor vs. Wikipedia

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Wikipedia entry

Here is the Wikipedia entry being discussed: Haymarket affair

Book by the professor: The Trial of the Haymarket Anarchists: Terrorism and Justice in the Gilded Age



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