Librarian looking for best movies on food

Submitted by Blake on Thu, 05/22/2003 - 01:19

Steve Fesenmaier writes "Gary Handman wrote:
I'm putting together a food in the movies web page (and bibliography) for a course here on the politics and culture of food (cool, eh?). Take a look. I know there's more...I could use your help.

Here are the ground rules:
1. Movie or scene must "say" something substantive about the relationship of food/eating/cooking to race/ethnicity, gender, class, sex, etc. etc. etc. The usual academic focuses...
2. Movie must be available on video (because I'm relating this page to stuff we own or can acquire)
3. Give me a two to four line description of the movie or scene and I'll put your name up in lights on the page.

Bon appetite!
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