Boston Public Library Extending WiFi Access

Rich writes "Monday's Boston Globe had an article on Boston Public Library extending WiFi access


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Go BPL, Go!

Information to the people, regardless if the are inside the building or not. WiFi (not matter what flavor) is a revolution. When I travel in larger metro areas, I never have to pay for internet access on the street (hello Starbucks). Too many people/businesses/services have opened up and advertised their access to the general public. It's great to see libraries at the front of this effort.What's it all mean? Well, as WiFi gets faster, voice over IP (VoIP) or something similar will push teleconferencing over the internet into the mainstream. So long SMS on that cellphone, we'll all be on MSN, AIM, or Jabber.

Where's Don?

No comments from Don??

Re:Where's Don?

Ssssh! Why are you tempting fate like this?

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