Google Unveils Friendster Rival, Orkut sends "this story from the Bay area Mercury News about Google's new online friend-finder, Orkut.
The aim of the service is to allow users to link up with friends of their friends and aims to 'increase the overall satisfaction of social life.' The project was developed by Google engineers, and is still in beta mode, according to Google spokeswoman Eileen Rodriguez."


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By invitation only

Excellent. Maybe.

On the one hand, since I can't join (unless someone in it wants to invite me ....?!) it makes me want to far more.

But then I realize that anyone I know who's in it is also a big giant nerd, and so it's going to be more like than anything else.

Re:By invitation only

Who were the original ones? Who invited them? There's not even a way of schmoozing to wrangle an invite. Not that I would want to wrangle an invite, being old and unhip and with real live friends and all.

Re:By invitation only

Sounds like employees of Google have been recruited to be the first members.


Sounds like it is time to track down one of the Google librarians (I assume they have at least one) and start making friends. :)

Anyone know someone who works there?

Re:By invitation only

I'm in it, so I guess that makes me a "big giant nerd"...

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