The Australian $35m plan to improve literacy

The ResourceShelf Dude, Gary D. Price, sent along an Interesting One out of Australia where Labor leader Mark Latham has promised every new-born child in Australia three free books in a $35 million pledge to improve childhood learning.

More parenting classes, adult-literacy education and screening for hearing and sight problems for all children at birth would also feature under a Labor federal government, he told the ALP national conference yesterday.

"This is a program that looks to the future, and invests in the future of young Australians," Mr Latham said.


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Ms. Marshall on points

What I'd like to know is: of what possible use is a book to a child if his parents can't be bothered to read to him?

Of secondary importance: Which books will be selected by a government that believes in and practices censorship? And of what bloody use will such books be even in families where the parents do read to children?

I tend to side with Ms. Marshall on this one. It's a band aid solution.

Re:Ms. Marshall on points

Here's a little piece indicating there's at least one other Aussie mom who agrees with Ms. Marshall and you (and me): nid=1274&storyid=847434

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