Dog owner loses cat fight

A Superior Court jury found yesterday that a disabled man's civil rights were not violated when his assistance dog was attacked by a cat in a public library. The jury refused to award him damages.

After deliberating for about two hours, the panel decided the city of Escondido did not fail to offer Richard "Rik" Espinosa, 49, the same rights as the general public to use the library, nor did it fail to give him full and equal access to the building.

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"After that first juror (in jury selection) said the word 'frivolous,' and so did the next five, I thought the whole panel should have been thrown out. I truly think the well got poisoned right there."


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Whew! L.C.'s memory upheld.

"I think our library staff is delighted that the jury couldn't find anything to sink its teeth into," [defendant's attorney Steve] Nelson said after the verdict.

Is that a slip of the tounge of a lawyer with a sense of humor? Either way, I'm glad it worked out. Thanks for posting the follow up to the orginal story.

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