From 'duh' to 'za,' small words slip into updated Scrabble Dictionary

Bob Cox shares this very fun article from on some new words that have been added to the official Scrabble Players Dictionary, including duh and za which I, Amke, personally didn't know is short for pizza, interestingly enough! Read the article to find out about qi and upsadaisy as well.


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I need to get a copy of the Scrabble Player's Dictionary and study it for a while before playing my Dad and Grandmother again. I could have used some of those words!

Interesting to hear that it's been updated

In the book Word Freak by Stefan Fatsis, the author goes into great detail of the history of this dictionary as part of his year-long immersion in the American Scrabble subculture (and believe me, it _is_ a subculture). He also gives an excellent history of the game.

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