Libraries need relationship marketing

This interesting article by Larry X. Besant and Deborah Sharp starts with the interesting line "What do libraries have in common with John Deere tractors, Mary Kay cosmetics, Harley-Davidson motorcycles, and Prada haute couture?"

The article discusses what relationship marketing is, and how libraries can benefit from introducing this concept into their work arena. Read the full story here.


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Beware any concept that gets its own initials

RM? TQM? I loathe when good, common sense becomes branded and buzz-worded. As much as I read about library issues, marketing and promotion being one of my interests, I've never heard of RM. I notice that the article is 4 years old, but I've not heard of any RM workshops or listserves, or any of the other hoo-hah that goes along with pop trends. Although libraries could stand to understand their users' needs and become more savvy about promoting their services, I don't think packaged approaches such as this are the answer.

Re:Beware any concept that gets its own initials

I think Rochelle has a point, but on the other hand this article will come in handy for my paper due Tuesday in library management class, thanks Tania!

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