Kinky to run for Governor of Texas

egy writes (and rochelle embellishes) "With the wonderful headline of Texas governor's race gets Kinky, the Houston Chronicle is reporting that author Kinky Friedman is planning to run for Texas governor as an independent in 2006.

Friedman is a columnist, author, musical performer (one of his bands is The Texas Jewboys), and runs an animal rescue ranch. Get the full, Kinky scoop at
From the article:
"There are no skeletons in my closet. They are all bleaching on a beach somewhere," he said. You want to know Kinky's stand on gun control? "I do not carry a gun myself, so if someone is going to shoot me, they better remember to bring their own weapon."
On abortion? "I am not pro-life, I am not pro-choice, I am pro football."

My, my, my. Do I have to wait until 2006? I could use some of this levity this year."


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Perhaps he'll turn out to be ...

... the Pat Paulsen of Texas politics. That might be fun.

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