Offensive ad?

The ad copy reads, in part, "Are you on a first name basis with the librarian? If so, chances are, you"re spending too much time at the library." Hmpf!


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First names

If West's customers aren't on a first-name basis with me, then perhaps I shouldn't be on a first-name basis with my west rep.!

West Feedback Office

Don't whine to other librarians- let West know how you feel about the ad. If you think it is offensive, give them some feedback and let them know.

Remember the American Rattlesnake Flag- "Don't Tread On Me!"

Contact their Feedback offices at:

R. Lee Hadden (These are my own opinions!)


Perhaps they've forgotten that libraries are more likely than individuals to be able to afford their books and databases...


The patrons I know usually fall into two groups:
(1) regulars
(2) people who have done something at I need to keep tabs on (ie. pornography, minor vandalism, disruptive behavior, etc)

What a silly ad.

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