Overdue library books returned half century later

Overdue library books returned half century later
A high school librarian in Phoenix says a former student at the school returned two overdue books checked out 51 years ago along with a $1,000 money order to cover the fines.

Camelback High School librarian Georgette Bordine says the two Audubon Society books checked out in 1959 and the money order were sent by someone who wanted to remain anonymous.


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returned to the shelves?

"...the overdue books will be returned to the shelves." I'm thinking maybe the information in them may be a tad out dated...?


We have some very old Audubon books that are still perfectly valid and circulate regularly. Depends on whether they're about the original artwork or about bird watching. No one wants bird watching books with black and white photos.


I would like to say that his honestness wakeup so early

A Silverstein dilemma...

To quote the venerable Shel Silverstein:

What do I do?
What do I do?
This library book is 42
Years overdue.
I admit that it's mine
But I can't pay the fine--
Should I turn it in
Or hide it again?
What do I do?
What do I do?

- Overdues by Shel Silverstein

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