The Rationality of One-Star Reviews

The Rationality of One-Star Reviews
But how did customers respond to this pricing decision? They were outraged! As you can see on the product page, the book has been overwhelmed with one-star reviews based not on the quality of the book itself but instead on the perception of greed and unfairness on behalf of the publisher. “junk,” writes Amazon reviewer Juan M. “It’s ridiculous that the E-BOOK is as much as the physical copy. Greed indeed.”


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You won't see me dissenting

...since, at the moment at least, the only reader "review" of Open Access: What You Need to Know Now at Amazon is a one-star gem from a person who proudly proclaims that he hasn't read and won't read the book, he's just outraged at the price.

Just as I learned some time back, when doing my little writeups of old/public domain movies in Mill Creek Entertainment megapacks, always to do the writeup before looking at IMDB reviews (IMDB is owned by Amazon), since the reviews so frequently consist of axe-grinding.

Kindle edition

The Kindle edition is now $12.99. In the article it is mentioned that the book was $14.99. So the one star reviews have driven the price down a little.

Annoying people, even if they have a valid point

There should be a pulldown menu to choose if they are slagging off the format, the film/book or both so people can sort through to find the information they want to know.
I don't care you don't like the way they cut bits out of the film that are in the book, what's the quality of the bluray transger!

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