Red Mars available for free download on Kindle

Here is the Amazon record for the paperback edition of Red Mars (Mars Trilogy) that sells for $7.99

The Kindle edition can be downloaded for free on Amazon: Red Mars (Kindle edition)

This is a good strategy by the publisher. Red Mars is the first book in a trilogy. If people download the first book and really enjoy it they may buy the second and third book. Those sell for $6.39 a piece. Green Mars
Blue Mars


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iPhone or iPod Touch

If you have a iPod Touch or iPhone you should be able to get the Kinle software and get these books for free also.


Kindle for IPhone for US only

free books not just for the Kindle

I wrote a comment about this a couple of weeks ago in the free Harlequin books story.

You can download these books there in other formats. If you have a Sony reader they'll also be available for free there.


I meant to say...

Damn. If you have a Sony reader they will also be free in the Sony ebook store.

Other free books on the Kindle

Here are some other free books from standard publishers.

Ballantine Books: His Majesty's Dragon

Ballantine Books: Settling Accounts Return Engagement: Book One of the Settling Accounts Trilogy

Bantam: Blood Engines

Crossway Books: The Holy Bible English Standard Version (ESV)
Note: The ESV (English Standard Version) translation is not in the public domain so you would typically have to pay to get this version. You can get a bible from Project Gutenberg but it won't be an ESV.

Delacorte Press: Persuader



Baen's Free Library

Baen Books has been doing this for years. Their Free Library has the first (and sometimes more) books in a bunch of series, plus some single novels, by a wide range of their authors. And, no equipment restrictions!

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