Reimagining the book - The End Of Passive
"Now imagine that a reader can choose to be any character in the story. At any point in the book, the events are premeditated by the prior decisions of an instance of a character played by another reader and your actions is going to determine how another reader’s story will play out. With each juncture, your story is matched with someone else’s so your fates intertwines. With a tree like this, there will be multiple endings and not every branch will lead to an ending. Some unfortunately lead to the demise of a character. Perhaps only a few branches for each character will lead it to one of its favorable endings. Like how you may still be fatally struck by lightning in real life despite living healthily, your encounters are out of your control so you will never have ultimate control of your fate."


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sounds like improv

I need 3 people.
Catherine the Great!

Okay, and where are they?
Cliff diving!
at a deli!

Okay, Kanye West, Elvis Presley and Catherine the Great are at the deli...

Tabletop MMORPG

It sounds like the author wants to bring more RPG elements to the MMO. The concept sounds like a D&D RPG campaign on a gigantic scale. Nerds have been doing this to a small degree already, using the internet to connect people from all over the world in a campaign. I'm not sure how it could be supported on a larger scale, but I would be interested.

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